Genetic Disease ProjectEdit

In this project you will be creating a wiki article describing a human genetic disorder. This article should provide both valuable information and be visually appealing.


The article must include the following information:

  • Name of the disorder
  • Symptoms
  • Detection (What are the current test available)
  • Treatment Options and Medications
  • Life Expectancy/Quality of Life
  • Pictures
  • How is this disorder inherited (Dominant, Recessive, Sex-Linked etc)
  • How common is the disorder in the human population

Please keep in mind that this is the minimum requirements for this project. The more effort that is shown the better your grade will be.


The due date for this project is Wed. June 9th. No late projects will be accepted.

This project will count as a test grade.

Disease PagesEdit

Turners SyndromeEdit

Angelman SyndromeEdit

Cri du ChatEdit

Cystic FibrosisEdit

Down SyndromeEdit

Duchenne Muscular DystrophyEdit

Kleinfelter's syndromeEdit


Prader-Willi SyndromeEdit

Sickle-Cell AnemiaEdit

Tay- SachsEdit

Marfan SyndromeEdit


Huntingtons DiseaseEdit